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Wednesday, November 20th, 2013,2817,2427253,00.asp

Yesterday I read an article that said that new Ps4 users smashed their new systems with bats and other objects. When I read this I was amazed because how could play station have problems on the first day? The actual problem that occurred was that there were too many people on the server at once. I think that they should have been prepared for this because they knew all of their systems were sold out.


3-D Printing

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

In the article I read it gave me a list of the top 3-d printing objects of this year. The most impressive thing that I saw on there was a pair of track shoes. It is cool that a printer can actually make a pair of shoes that are actually wearable. This shows how much technology is advancing each year. In a couple of years we will be seeing a floating car if technology keeps advancing like this.


India On Mars

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

In this video it explains how India is the first Asian country to send a spacecraft to Mars. Their mission cost about 74 million dollars to fund. This is great because now another country can help out and find more things about space. I would ask them where did they get the money to fund this project.

Jelly Fish Robot Killer

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Recently, scientist have invented a robot to shred up a jelly fish into thousands of pieces. They created this because the jelly fish attacks cost South Korea 2.8 million dollars a year. The robot has a GPS and cameras so they can locate the jelly fish swarm. In my opinion, this robot can have a good or bad outcome. The jelly fish attacks might go down and South Korea would save money each year. Or the robot can cause the jelly fish to become endangered. I rather have South Korea lose money than lose another creature to human violence. Would the robots kill jelly fish each day or once a month?


Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


In September the National Science Foundation gave a 1.5 million grant to help out a nano manufacturing and device integration. The technology will be used for nanobots in batteries and solar panels. This is good because this will help scientist come up with some new inventions to help the battery last longer and more Eco-friendly. In my opinion, this is good and bad because it helps the science community, but it also is a lot of money that could be used for a better cause.

Car Technology

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

In this article it speaks about ow future car technology might lead to car crashes. In the car to car communication it makes cars talk to each other so they don’t collide into each other, but the technology doesn’t take into account the cars that are not using car to car communication. Also it talks about cars driving  themselves and how they might get lost and run out of gas. The place you might be driving to could not be on the destination and the car would get lost. I think that these things will not be a problem. If they can create the technology to make a car drive by its self then the can solve these minor problems.


Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

On the Forbes website I read an article about Grand Theft Auto 5 and how it made  1billion dollars in three days. In the article it explains the shares the owner has, the layout of the game, and how it was spectacular that i sold so well. There were many offers to buy the rights of the video game like EA, but the owner declined and he made a good decision. In my opinion, I think that it was amazing that a video game produced a profit of 1 billion dollars. I would ask the author how he feels about the 1 billion dollars.


Tuesday, September 17th, 2013!5B03624E-835B-4DE7-887B-F4A576I

In a video I watched on the Wall Street Journal website it talked about how you can trade your old Iphone for money or credit to buy the new Iphone 5s or 5c. There are multiple websites you can go on to trade in your phone like amazon, apple, gazelle, and networth. The highest price they will  give you is 210 for an Iphone 4s or 300 for an Iphone 5. In my opinion think that this is a good deal because you don’t have to spend any money  to get the newest Iphone. The source is very credible as well. The question I have is why would they give you so much money for an old phone?